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Unlock immediate savings and secure long-term sustainability for your business with Enfin. We shoulder the risk, enabling you to seamlessly switch to solar energy without any upfront capital expenditure. Join the global movement towards cleaner, more affordable, and sustainable energy solutions. Enfin supports businesses committed to making a positive environmental impact.


Enfin funds, insures and maintains solar energy solutions; our clients gain energy independence, savings and sustainability.



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Our Solutions

We undertake a thorough analysis of your energy consumption and needs before suggesting a funding solution.
We customise and structure financing to enable maximum savings for you.

Our funding solutions includes:

Power Purchase Agreement

Unlock savings with our solar PPA. We own, maintain, and you enjoy solar energy benefits hassle-free.

Roof Rental Solutions

Maximise space with solar roof rentals. Enjoy solar benefits without system ownership responsibilities.

Hybrid Solutions

Combine solar with conventional energy for optimal efficiency. Tailored solutions for diverse energy needs.

Customised Solutions

Bespoke solar solutions for unique requirements. Partner with us for tailored energy financing.

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Our Solar Solutions includes:


Grid-tied solar systems operate alongside your existing grid connection. During day-light hours the solar system provides supplementary power at markedly reduced costs.


Off-grid is a type of renewable energy system that enables a home or business to generate and store its own electricity using solar panels and batteries; enabling independent operation from a grid connection.

Fuel Saver

Fuel saver solar systems operate alongside your current diesel generator in weak grid conditions; resulting in a significantly reduced consumption of costly fuel.


Our hybrid solutions are formulated according to your unique needs. This may entail a solar energy system with enough battery storage capacity to eliminate load-shedding.

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